Motorised Marble Racer


Motorised Marble Racer

My daughter and I got a marble racer game for Christmas (we get a lot of joint presents for some reason) and it was pretty cool but this one looks miles cooler, Techno Ball – Marble Racer with motors.

This hi-tech motor driven marble run is a joy to build, tune and watch it run. Consisting of 173 parts, this helter skelter is sure to keep you busy. Build the tower, then fix the cogs, link the chain, next wind the track, tune the runners, mount the motor and then you’re ready to go. Simply switch on, and off it goes – and goes – and goes – and goes!!

You can get Techno Ball from RED5 Extraordinary for £15 (this is about the third item I’ve put on Ali’s 2007 Xmas list).

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kiml Says: November 19, 2007 at 5:09 pm

I got one of these marble runs last Christmas. It is fun, though it does drop marbles and eat batteries. I’d advise anyone who gets one to make these alterations (or at least try them). 1: Put the motor at the top so the tension is on the up so it doesn’t drop the marbles on the way up. 2: run it from a mains adaptor to save the battery’s (My mum had one anyway, but they do have many uses). 3: drop the voltage to 1.5, this makes it run quieter and stops it flicking marbles off at the top.
This is a great toy I have had much fun out of, but not as much as my cat has. She likes to knock the marbles off and then play football with them.

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