Low Rise Cot, get off the ground and off to sleep

by Fred

Like many of you, I reside on the outdoorsy side of life whenever I can.luxurylite cot 1

I also have the sad, geeky proclivity to be gadget enabled in the wild, with non-electronic devices (has anyone glimpsed me in the wild without a camelback or a leatherman,, I doubt it!). This little beauty, the Luxurylite Cot has the advantage of light weight, and the ability to pack smaller than ANYTHING in it’s class.

cot in hand luxrylite

It costs (gulp) 190$USD. It sounds like a lot, but really when you look at what you get, it’s well worth it,, smooth, comfort, off the ground, and a good nights sleep under the stars (or the cover of a tent).

This really seems like just the thing for bike travel or backpacking.  Especially in wet or muddy conditions when you want to get up and out of the muck.

Also I’ve read a bit where its helped people with back problems get outside again (now how they handle their 60 pound packs is anybody’s guess!)

I hesitate to put this in “wacky gadgets” category-wise as this is simply outdoor (do we have that category?)  I guess it’s time to start it!red stuff sackbluecot

Thanks Kevin Kelly over at Cool Tools

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