Fish finds new life in teacup


teacup-fish-bowl.jpgEveryone knows what fish lazing around inside fish bowl looks like, but how many of you have actually laid eyes on fish swimming inside a tea cup? Why not make that piece of imagination come true by picking up the Teacup Fish Bowl? This unique ‘aquarium’, if I may have the liberty of calling it so, is shaped after the traditional teacup albeit in a much bigger proportion. The inclusion of a handle definitely adds a nice touch to the setup, giving fish lovers yet another choice when it comes to choosing the proper home for their finned friends.

According to the designers, abstract thought was actually the source of inspiration for the Teacup Fish Bowl. This handcrafted innovation measures 8.5″ wide and 6.75″ high, making it suitable to house around a couple to three small fish at most before the woes of overpopulation get in the way. while it looks nice and all from the outside, it would be really swell if an air filter could be included from the bottom, as placing a tube from the top just ruins the entire view.

I suppose guppies or a solitary goldfish would be happiest inside the Teacup Fish Bowl. For those who want low maintenance fish that can withstand murky water, they can always settle for some Siamese Fighting Fish. This $39 Teacup Fish Bowl makes the perfect gift for fish loving friends and make a great conversation starter whenever you invite anybody over to your pad.

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sarah Says: December 4, 2007 at 5:11 pm

You mean-fish slowly suffocates and finds death in this-

By the way, guppies aren’t solitary fish, they breed like mad.

Everything the people before me said is true too.

Don’t buy this if you think you can safely keep a fish in it.

Iain Says: December 29, 2012 at 7:45 am

I think the photo is an artist impression. Are you thinking this is a regular size teacup? In the description in clearly says ” This handcrafted innovation measures 8.5″ wide and 6.75″ high…”

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