There’s a moon in my room

moon-room.jpgJust when you thought you have pretty much seen it all in terms of home lighting, here comes a curveball that will definitely interest kids the world over. The Moon in My Room lighting is an accurate replica of what you see during those clear summer nights – a curved relief of the real McCoy. When mounted on your bedroom wall (although we recommend hooking it up to the ceiling as it gives a much more authentic experience), you will be able to control the different phases of the moon. Alternatively, those who prefer to let nature run its course can just leave it on automatic, and see the entire dozen stages dance across the ceiling slowly but surely.

The Moon works by turning itself on automatically in a darkened room, pretty much the same way the moon appears as dusk falls in real life. Of course, you can always override this feature. After ‘performing’ for the better part of half an hour, the Moon will then turn itself off. Powered by a quartet of AA batteries, each Moon in My Room comes with an audio CD that gives you a spoken tour of the Moon as well as its craters and seas for a truly informative experience. I forsee that this interesting light will be able to kindle the interests of budding scientists. The included remote control requires a couple of AAA batteries to run, so have some spares handy at all times in case you want to play God and fast forward the moon past its Waning Crescent phase to a New Moon.

Hopefully this simulated moon lighting won’t turn anybody into werewolves during the middle of the night, nor drive the loony ones even loonier. Parents who want to pick up the Moon in My Room will be able to do so after dropping £29.95.

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