Detect, Protect, Sense,,, and destroy! Sensor suite for humans, Zephyr

by Fred

Sure, you’ve seen heart rate monitors, thermometers, and the like. Heck, you may have used the ridiculous Garmin 305 that measures a ton all at once! (do go check it out).Zephyr Bioharness

The team of Kiwis over at Zephyr takes it a few steps farther than ever for civilians and the military alike.

Using their processing algorithms (think cool math that takes the data from their sensors and let’s you know what’s happening, shut it rerun.) Along with the basis of the technology, their smart materials that sense things like temperature, pressure, and loss of continuity (breakage).

They have four main products, the BioHarness, Impact SF, ShoePod, and ShoePod Diabetic. It’s really worth a trip to their site to see what they’re up to, or just read on for more goodness.

The BioHarness (shown above) transmits to a U.S.b. radio receiver, for data inputs. It can monitor respiration rate and depth, heart rate, posture position (inclination), and likelyhood of magical ability. Hmmm, maybe not that last one. It’s perfect for a bunch of physiological data-logging possibilities, but I think it’s probably best for optimizing the performance of high level endurance athletes. It looks rather lightweight and durable, and even includes a charging base so it’s always ready to go. It even comes with cool graphing software so you can figure out what’s really going on without getting an extra Phd.

The Impact SF is their impact measuring system, for people or for vehicles. The short answer version is, it’ll tell you where you got hit. This way medics or engineers can quickly diagnose problems at full speed, (obviously military applications here, but also great for fencing and other sports likely as well).

The ShoePod helps runners and their coaches to optimize forefoot and heel strike, as well as analyze gait and motion. It’s a simple and elegant solution for real time work. This is an area that the big shoe companies have been spending millions on for years, and now there’s just a simple plug in solution that costs a reasonable sum of money!

Finally the ShoePod Diabetic, recognizes the symptoms of DPN, which can lead to foot ulceration and amputation. For the millions of diabetics in this world, it’s a really great application of technology that can help people in a very straightforward manner.

These telemetric systems developed by Zephyr are really something. We see a lot of fun cool things, but when a company is focused on technology and develops systems that really help people. Well, it’s just really cool!

Keep up the good work Zephyr!!

Thanks BBC

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