Keychain card reader for SIM and MicroSD

by Mike

More and more useful gadgets are coming in smaller and smaller form factors.
For the most part, that’s a good thing (I like my camera nice and thin), but sometimes it doesn’t turn out nearly as well (remember UMPCs? Of course you don’t.) Don’t be sad though! This is one of those happy gadgets that benefits from its smaller form factor. In fact, it even has a nifty little keychain built right in so you can take it anywhere your keys go. What the devil am I talking about? It’s a mini card reader — this baby reads all of your SIM and MicroSD cards.

For those unfamiliar with the term SIM card, it’s a tiny, tiny little card that goes into many mobile phones. If you’re a Verizon or Sprint customer in the states, your phone doesn’t have one. 🙁 But on T-Mobile, Cingular, and virtually every other carrier in the world, you’ll be able to find that tiny little card underneath your battery. This tiny, fragile card holds the essential data about your phone and identifies you to your carrier — without it, you’re screwed. Obviously you want to back that data up if the worst happens, right? Well that can be done with your handy keychain. Just be careful not to drop it, or get it dirty; they can be quite difficult sometimes. MicroSD, also known as Transflash, is the miniature version of SD cards. It’s about the size of your thumbnail (both in length, width, and depth) and goes into many mobile phones these days. You can store pictures, videos, and songs on these cards. The keychain lets you access and backup all the data on your SIM and MicroSD cards, just as long as you have a USB port.

The iMono MicroSD + SIM card reader comes in black and white and only costs $10.

Product Page – [via The Red Ferret]

iMono close up

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