Sudokube, a Rubik’s Cube with a Sudoku Flavor

by Nick


If you’re passionate about Sudoku, but the Sudoku Toilet Roll was too much for your taste, I’m sure you’ll dig the Sudokube, a mash up between a Rubik’s cube and Sudoku. The Sudokube is going to be a sure shot with fans of the old Rubik’s cube and Sudoku, and will allow you to play anywhere you want to.

The Sudokube is just like a regular Rubik’s cube, but with numbers instead of colours. You play the Sudokube just like you would with a Rubik’s cube, but instead of matching the colours, you must align the numbers 1 to 9 at each side as you would in a Sudoku grid. This game promises to be harder to solve than a Rubik’s cube and even more addicting than Sudoku.

If you’re really obsessed with Sudoku, Rubik’s cube and puzzles in general, the Sudokube is definitely going to please you, and is a perfect gift for your friends who feel the same way. And when you’re done, all you have to do is start over again.
If you’re interested, Sudokube measures 2.16 x 2.16 inches and costs £4.99 at Find me a Gift. You can find out more about this puzzle mash up at Wikipedia.

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Via Tracing Gadget.

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Online Word Games (Sudoku) Says: June 10, 2009 at 7:24 am

Playing Sudoku isn’t as easy as the guru’s make out. This Sudokube is going to be so much harder!

I find even the easy Sudoku games take a while to work out, though I am getting a little better nowdays.

The best technique is to use a pencil and paper and lots of practise ! You tend to get sharper each time you do one, though a good 10 minute break between puzzles is a wise move too 🙂

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