Qtires feature retractable studs

qtire.jpgRemember Q from the James Bond movie franchise? That venerable old man is wise beyond his years, overseeing a special unit that deals with gadgets for everybody’s favorite suave spy, 007. The Qtires could be a reference by the company to Q himself, but whether that is intentional or not, we leave that up to your imagination. What we’re more interested in is the versatility and intelligent nature of the Qtire which comes with patented all-weather tire technology which will greatly enhance the safety of automobiles and trucks on the road during winter.

What makes a Qtire stand out from the rest of its rubbered brethren is the fact that it comes with extendable studs which provide more grip during slippery situations – essential after a night of heavy snowfall. This is made possible thanks to an integrated air bladder located inside that pushes the studs out when the situation calls for it. Whenever you encounter dry road conditions, you can always retract the studs by deflating the mentioned air bladder. Of course, these tires are not entirely maintenance free since you need to refill the air bladder with enough air after deploying the studs for approximately 50 times. It will take a keen mind to keep track of the amount of times the bladder has been deployed though.

The following states in America, Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana, are tipped to pass legislation that enables the Qtire to be used throughout the entire year. It is widely expected that the Qtire will be released to the masses before the next winter rolls around.

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