NicStic offers smokeless ciggies

nicstic.jpgOne of the main things non-smokers hate about cigarettes is the smoke as a by-product, but will this stigma remain even if a smokeless cigarette was invented? The NicStic is an interesting device that enables smokers to have a puff, minus the smoke. This cigarette-sized plastic tube comes with a rechargeable heating coil within which vaporizes tobacco instead of taking the traditional burning route. All you need to do is insert a filter at the end of the tube, and you’ll be able to get your daily nicotine fix minus the smoke. Since you don’t inhale any smoke, that means your lungs will appreciate the fact that it has stopped receiving any more tar, arsenic, cadmium, formaldehyde and a zillion other toxic chemicals.

The NicStic retails for approximately 80 Euros and ships with a portable plastic heating case, three voltage adapters, and a carton of filters that look like ordinary ciggie packs. A 3.7 volt lithium battery will power the heating case, where it can subsequently heat up to 20 fume-free smokes. There is but one drawback to the NicStic – it results in a distinct tobacco smell that might even be obnoxious to smokers. Perhaps that itself is a good thing as it might force some to hasten their quitting ambition?

Will the NicStic force a change in laws concerning smoking in public places should it actually catch on? After all, the main reason why those laws were there in the first place was to prevent the spread of second hand cigarette smoke. Only time will tell – and if you’re a smoker, will you actually pick up the NicStic as a replacement, or do you prefer to stick to your box of Camels? After all, there is still something about blowing a waft of smoke circles that makes one attractive. The ball’s in your court now, smokers.

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3 thoughts on “NicStic offers smokeless ciggies”

  1. If these could be used on a plane, I might actually break down and buy one. The 80 Euro price tag is definitely hefty, and it would depend on how much the “refill” parts of the device cost, and how often. Then again, I just did the math and I am currently spending somewhere around $1000 Euro a year on cigarettes…..ouch, is it really that much?

    After my 12 hour flight to Germany (and back), I’m definitely in the market for some way to occupy my time on the flight other than sleeping pills.

    The major problem with products like these is that there is rarely a “try before you buy” policy available, and until I find a few people that have used them and like it, I’m not going to attempt it either. Having a “distinct tobacco smell that might even be obnoxious to smokers” doesn’t sound very pleasant, but I’m more worried about the taste and results.

  2. What is the ingredients in the bottles? There is nothing that tells you what it is. I have tried it and liked it. But as my mother use to say…if it is too good to be true then it isn’t. What are the ingredients in the bottles you sell with the Nicstick? Waiting for an answer. Connie Prucka

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