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Soundwalk MP3 Vest for outdoor lovers


While the Play List Jacket works fine in formal occasions for you to listen in on your favorite songs discreetly instead of subjecting your ears to mindless chatter at the corporate boardroom, that jacket can’t be used in a casual environment. Those who love the great outdoors and other sporting activities will have to look elsewhere when it comes to carrying their beloved iPods and cellphones, and the perfect fit (pardon the pun) can be found in the Soundwalk MP3 Player Audio Sports Vest. What does this vest do, you ask?


For starters, the Soundwalk MP3 Vest features light-weight amplifier speakers located at each shoulder strap, giving you a pretty respectable level of sound quality without messing around with pesky earphone wires. Other than the wide variety of colors to choose from, the Soundwalk MP3 Vest ensures your safety is of the utmost importance by including the “Reflective Line” that increases your visibility during the night, reducing the risk of any unwanted accidents. It does all of this while carrying both your cellphone and MP3 player.

You will be able to toggle between your MP3 player and cellphone at the press of a button, making it convenient to interrupt a song in order to make or receive calls. The hands-free functionality ensures you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes while engaged in vigorous outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and even inline skating. Hopefully your cellphone and MP3 player are well protected to lessen the impact in case you fall. Your life also won’t be endangered as you will be able to listen to the surrounding environment, making you aware of any vehicles sneaking up behind you. Of course, this is a double-edged sword as your selection of tunes might end up annoying those who want a quiet walk around the park, but that’s the price to pay. The Soundwalk MP3 Vest currently retails for $69.99.

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