Eclipse concept cellphone


It goes without saying that nearly everybody has a cellphone these days, but how many of them actually use all the features that come along with it? Granted, having a 3 megapixel camera with video recording capabilities along with the ability to watch full length movies on the (albeit) tiny screen is nice to have, but how many of you actually use it on a frequent basis to warrant a purchase? I suspect that most people pick these souped-up handsets up just because they’re the latest and greatest on the market, never mind the fact that they won’t find much use for those features. The concept Eclipse phone from Blood Rabbit at the Product Design Forums pays tribute to handsets circa 1996, featuring just the basic features such as a phonebook, SMS support, and making/receiving calls.

No sir, you won’t find any fancy features such as audio and video playback, let alone a camera or push email. Measuring approximately 5.5cm when closed and 9cm when open, the Eclipse handset features a transparent LCD display that definitely goes a long way in prolonging battery life. Revealing the display is pretty simple – all you need to do is press the buttons at the side and it will pop up.

Would you purchase the Eclipse phone if it ever gets picked up by a manufacturer and produced for the mass market? I suppose it would make a great entry-level handset, especially for the older folk who have absolutely no need to snap photos and share it with their circle of ever diminishing friends. I like the clean, sleek design and its portability. What are your thoughts?

Source: Product Design Forums