Beer Bottle Goblet for the thirsty


beer-bottle-goblet.jpgIf you still doubt that we at Coolest Gadgets are a bunch of beer lovers, why not run the search “beer” on the site? The results will definitely surprise you. Firebox is currently offering new Beer Bottle Goblets that will make a fine addition to your collection of drinking apparatus. The type of lager which you drink is of utmost importance, but bear in mind that the method of delivery (read: glass it comes in) is also as important. Many of us are so used to pub-style lager glasses these days that these Beer Bottle Goblets definitely bring a refreshing look whenever you knock back another pint with a mate.

The Beer Bottle Goblets take the concept of a beer bottle and literally turns it upside down. These are actually ordinary beer bottles in their previous lives, but they have been carefully cut at the bottom and transformed into high quality goblets for you to chug down the nectar of the gods in style. The edges have been polished after cutting, bonded to the bottom securely.

If you’re currently wondering what to purchase for your mate for his upcoming birthday, these Beer Bottle Goblets are guaranteed to give him a good time. Even if you abstain from drinking, you can always pick some of these up to decorate your home as they make extremely potent conversation starters. You can pick from Grolsch, Sol and Corona goblets, depending on where your affections lie. They retail for £10.95 a pop, but are currently unavailable at the moment. A restock is expected to arrive at the end of April.

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