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by Mike

Watchminder 2
It’s understandable that people forget things, I mean, we tend to do a lot of forgettable things throughout the day. But still, if you need a special watch that will constantly remind you of what to do, then you have some sort of memory issues. Although, it would be kind of nice to just be told what to do and when to do it. It would take all of the pressure off yourself. Hmm, maybe I like the Watchminder 2 more than I thought.

The Watchminder has two modes, reminder and training. Reminder mode will give you various reminders, in the form of vibrations or traditional beeping, for whatever you need, be it appointments, chores, homework, etc. Training mode is intended to get rid of all your bad habits, and while I’m not quite sure how it does it, it seems pretty cool (if it works, of course). You can program up to 30 different daily alarms (both modes), hopefully that’s enough. Because it’s a watch, the Watchminder does tell you both the time and the date (imagine that!), and even has a stopwatch and countdown timer. They’re really packing the features in, eh? Don’t worry about looking like a nerd, the Watchminder isn’t like carrying a full-blown wall clock on your watch, it’s actually the size of your standard digital watch.

Sure, it may be the same size of that cheap $5 watch from the drug store, but it costs a bit more. The exact term would be about $95 more. Hey, $100 isn’t a lot for a watch that has an alarm and a stopwatch!

Product Page – [via OhGizmo]

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Beverly Says: August 28, 2013 at 3:40 am

I am very interested in ordering this reminder countdown timer watch, could you please assist me in this matter.

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