This ain’t your momma’s crib


studio-crib.jpgI know that there are plenty of people who are extremely excited with the upcoming Transformers movie this summer, but let us take a pause and check out other more down to earth transformations around the house. Everybody knows that the crib is one of the most flexible piece of home furniture ever to be created, capable of being transformed to cater for totally different uses. The New York Times has dubbed the crib to be a furniture which is “Also known as harlequin, metamorphic and meubles à surprises.”

Would-be parents, take note. If you want to save a few hundred dollars down the road many years from now, it would make perfect sense to pick up this Studio Crib from Nurseryworks. At least when your kid grows up and is old enough to sleep on a proper bed, you can just move the Studio Crib into the living or study room, turning it into a desk for you to file your tax returns. Heck, it can even be changed into a toddler bed and day bed, depending on the current need. If you ever wondered how it feels like sitting in one, throw in a few cushions and the Studio Crib will automatically act as a sofa. I could add to the list of configurations, but I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

There is currently no word on pricing and availability of the Studio Crib, even on the product page. I suppose you will just have to contact them personally if you want one of these babies in your home.

Source: Treehugger

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