If you’re happy and you know it just smell nice!-Smiley (not a Joker product)

by Fred

So umm, if you want to smell great and feel better, here’s the thing.SMiley

Happytherapy. It’s an artist group working in the quasi-theraputic arena, developing a smell that’s also filled with happiness.

By happiness, we mean mild antidepressants, (that surprisingly also tend to be skin irritants, so uh,, good try there.)

I will credit them on their packaging, it looks great! Fun delivery style too.
Now I can’t really tell you what it smells like, (I assume it reeks of hot supermodel while go karting, then again, maybe “Happy” is subjective), but it must be ‘interesting’ as it has to be effective enough to overcome the tendencies of its ingredients.

theobromine has a “ten fold less stimulating effect to humans than caffeine,” or that phenethylamine is a known skin irritant with a classic fishy odor. “- Medgadget

Ohh and the real special fun can be visiting the Smiley website for the creepy fun images, and odd techno. It’s worth it for the fun little trip.

Thanks again Medgadget, you guys rock!

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