The Rocket Pen

by Mike

Rocket Pen
Every once and awhile, you just need to make your life a little more interesting. Some of us do something wild, like blowing your life savings, moving to some remote country where the SteriPEN is a must, or buying something really expensive that you’ll use once or twice. There is also the group of people that consider the Rocket Pen, a low flying, desk based rocket, to be something new and exciting in their lives. (I’m in group one, thank you very much.)

While it’s no Hydrogen fueled rocket, the Rocket Pen holds its own. Besides, if you want to keep your job, you can’t use your hydrogen rocket in an office. The Rocket Pen works best in areas with low ceilings, as it’s 3-4 feet of lift is ideal for those types of locations. The pen itself is only about 1/2 a foot.

Just imagine, you’re sitting at your desk, completely bored, when you suddenly come up with the most awesome idea to ever grace your mind. Rather than forgetting it a few minutes later, you write it down. But you don’t grab any old pen, you slam the ignition (a.k.a. small red button) on the launch pad and use the rocket pen to write it down, after it’s come down from its flight of course. Don’t overuse the Rocket Pen though, then the dramatic effect will be worthless.

The Rocket Pen, which will fit snugly between the Post-Its and the paperclips on your desk, is only $8 from ThinkGeek. Just ask the Supply Department to get a box or two in stock, I’m sure they’ll understand how necessary it is.

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