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Keeping track of your child can be quite a task, especially if he/she is a tiny toddler who tends to run off when you have your hands full with groceries. While there are several GPS based devices available in the market that helps you keep track of them, there are other tools that help ensure your kid will be sent home to you safe and sound in the event he/she goes missing. The Amber Alert Child ID Kit fits the bill perfectly, offering the fastest and most secure method in an affordable $29.95 package.

Based on a Kingston USB flash drive, the Amber Alert Child ID Kit is used to store all important information regarding your child such as biographical data, vital stats, connection to various relatives, the places where he/she hangs out most often, and even a list of his/her favorite websites that could yield important clues in the case of a missing person. This Child ID Kit also comes with enough space to store multiple photos of your kid (and family members), helping a stranger sent your kid home as soon as possible in the fastest manner.

The product page mentioned that the Amber Alert Child ID Kit is password protected, and it boasts data encryption as well. This is essential as should the Amber Alert Child ID Kit fall into the wrong hands, at least it prevents the abuse of the sensitive nature of the information within for merciless predators to track down your child both in the real and virtual worlds. The Amber Alert Child ID Kit comes in a 512MB capacity.

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Kris Says: March 29, 2007 at 7:52 am

This really seems a bit rediculous. I understand a parents concern for their children (I have 3 and one more on the way…and yes, they have dissapeared in shopping malls and stuff…) but this things is a bit paradoxical in that someone who finds your child can help them get home…but if they the baddies can’t because of encryption..????

So the child carries this thing with them…do they have to remember the password and only tell it to the nice person? This is the problem with kids getting into trouble is that they don’t recognize the bad situations the same way as adults.

…and honestly…what good is it to remember their favorite webpages? #1…my toddlers aren’t ever on the web. #2…any gadget (happy meal toys, my cell phone, etc) that they get ahold of ends up in a bowl of water as the final ingredient for some magical potion, forgotten outside or even dunked in the toilet (that would be the cellphone). #3…I don’t think they’d have the presence of mind to think, “Oh, I’m lost…let me just dig this little thingy mom gave me out of my pocket and give it to someone nice, and hope they don’t just walk away with it or use it against me”

…not in a million years. No little gadget should ever be marketed to replace a parent’s attention. Too many accidents happen because parents get caught up in the latest sale than watching their children and teaching them as they should be.

Dan Says: April 30, 2007 at 10:34 am

I think the ID Kit stays with the parent, not the child, The parent can then hand it over to authorities, saving time since all this vital info is in one place…

Kris Says: April 30, 2007 at 11:58 am

This is the confusing part:
“This Child ID Kit also comes with enough space to store multiple photos of your kid (and family members), helping a stranger sent your kid home as soon as possible in the fastest manner.”

I can’t imagine kinds running around with one of these thing hanging around their neck. Even duct-taped between their shoulder blades (the only place I can’t reach), I’m sure the resourceful little guys would figure out some way to remove it.

Mike Says: September 14, 2007 at 7:50 pm

Kris this thing stays with the parent… Not a difficult concept, unless you want it to be… You store your childs information in the kit, if your child goes missing, you turn the kit over to the police with the password and they have current photos and all information needed to issue an immediate amber alert… Amber Alerts do work, I know from experience. Being a Firefighter, EMT, Police officer, and former 911 dispatcher, I’ve used Amber Alerts once or twice… Don’t be so fast to judge the kit unless you have used it and have a valid complaint.. It’s a wonderful idea!

Prams Says: October 22, 2010 at 8:01 am

Now this is a product i’m reading about for the first time! I think its great for all those busy parents concerned about their child’s safety. Its just like a Kingston USB drive. I’m glad you shared.

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