Camping the way it was supposed to be — with power

by Mike

Eureka N!ergy Tent
I never really liked camping. There were no electronics, no real shower/bathroom, and you had to sleep next to people that hadn’t showered in days. Not to mention all the bugs that would try to slowly devour you throughout the night. A tiny, tiny hole in your tent would cost you 10 mosquito bites. Maybe I would’ve liked camping a little more if I had the Eureka N!ergy Tent, a tent with 3 12-volt outlets built right in. That way, I could bring one of those mosquito killing contraptions, my laptop, and a few chargers for various devices. Who knows, there might even be EVDO available for some light browsing on my laptop.

Now, some might say having power and electronics when you’re camping is cheating. It’s not. You’re still in a tent, without A/C, and a whole lot of other amenities. Besides, having power just makes it easier. How are you going to entertain yourself if you have nothing electronic? It’s impossible. One could even make the argument that having power is a safety precaution. Your cell phone could run out of juice and you’ll need some way to charge it, which requires power.

You’ll need to pay a lot for this system (3 outlets total), $250. Then add another $50 for the E! Power System which is the battery pack for the system. All in all, it’s going to cost you $300 to make camping a nearly worthwhile experience. 😉 Oh. . . I almost forgot, add another $50/month for the EVDO service and hell, why not, you might as well buy two? Maybe not.

Product Page – [via SCI FI Tech]

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