Move over, motion controls



What’s this motion controls you talk about? Rumble feature? All those pale in comparison when it comes to the gaming controller of choice, especially when faced with Emotiv’s Project Epoc. This spunky start-up from Down Under has developed a brand new gaming peripheral that makes the world of video and computer games accessible to virtually anyone and everyone with a head. How is this possible, you ask? The answer is simple – this helmet like device is placed on top of your nogging, while a processing unit will interpret the information garnered from a series of detection suites that are located all over the helmet. It will be able to detect and measure the player’s discreet emotional states and conscious thoughts, eventually translating those signals into a command that controls your on-screen avatar.

The Project Epoc helmet, when fully functional, will be compatible with a whole slew of gaming platforms without discriminating against either console or computer. This means those who are disabled will be able to duke it out with current Masters of Mice on an even platform, and don’t be surprised if your friend in a wheelchair manages to trounce you over and over in Warcraft or Quake due to his/her superior cognitive ability that was enhanced after suffering from paralysis.

There is no word on when a commercial version will be available, but if you have some time, do scurry over to the Gamers’ Developer Conference in San Franciso as the Project Epoc helmet will be on display.

Source: Game Addicts

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