Kid-Tough Digital Camera

Kid-Tough Digital Camera

If you ever wanted to offer the coolest digital camera to your kids but always feared that they would break it in an instant, may I present you the Kid-Tough Digital Camera that can last forever due to the durable design and material used.

This special camera comes with a couple of good features, but on the other hand there are some bad features as well that will limit the usage of the camera.


  • Makes kids feel good because the camera has a colorful LCD screen measuring 1.3-inches, every time a photo is taken there is a preview that can be seen on that small screen
  • Easy for kids to use thanks to the big sized buttons, each with a specific color and meaning, making it simple for kids to understand
  • Easy for kids to take photos because of the two handgrips located on both left and right sides, they will get a steady shot for sure after a few tries
  • Two-eye viewing so kids can use both eyes when looking and taking a picture, just like they would do with binoculars
  • SD memory card slot to get more storage for the photos


  • built-in auto flash – if it can’t be turned off it sucks badly
  • 8MB of built-in memory – that gives space for 60 pictures only, how are kids suppose to feed their creativity minds having to clear up space after every 60 photos? Or is it just a reason to buy the SD memory card
  • 640×480 – if the photos are suppose to be displayed on the computer only this isn’t that bad
  • works with 4AA batteries

The Tough-Kid Digital camera costs $70 at Fisher-Price, if you are really into it check the cases for the camera.