HELP – Find a Flexible Voice Activated Controller

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I’ve had an email from one of oue readers Gary who has a bit of a technology problem:

I am searching for a suggestion. I am totally handicapped. I have electric hurricane shutters operated by handheld remote-control. Unfortunately I can no longer pushed the button. I have a voice-activated telephone and a voice-activated TV remote.

Can my shutter remote be coded into my telephone or TV remote? Or is there something voice-activated that will operate my shutters?

So can anyone else help. I can find TV controllers like the Surfboard Voice Activated Remote but we probably need something more programmable, if you know of anything more suited to the job please share it with us by leaving a comment. Thanks folks.

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  1. Gary,

    I used to work for a toy company that had a wonderful product that should would be perfect for you (are you in the US or elsewhere?)

    It was a voice recognition controlled power strip with two outlets. I don’t believe it’s out there anymore (at least in production) however Sensory was the name of the company that did the voice chip and Girl Tech was the name of the company that put it out. They’re now a part of Mattel, so I think it may be a buried piece of tech, however an eBay search may prove fruitful. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  2. If the shutters are controlled with IR you should generally be able to program a either a voice powered remote or computer Ir port to operate them. Follow the directions for your remote about programming items without codes. There is a chance that the shutters use a IR frequency or a code sequence that the remote doesn’t support. If this is the case or the unit uses radio, the the only alternative may be a replacement unit or hacking your existing remote control.

    Hacking it is more interesting. Post a comment at Make, Nuts and Volts and/or any other electronics magazine forum starting with ‘I know that no one could actually do this, but it would really help me out if….’ and stand back. The best suggestion will probably involve a Ir receiver that drives a relay tapped into the shutter remote or the shutter drive unit themselves. It will most probably be free or cost only parts.

    Good luck

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