AQUA FM – The Radio Snorkle



If you’re a bit of a radio junkie but also enjoy the odd bout of snorkeling you can now combine the two, with the AQUA FM, a snorkle with a built in radio.

The only problem with listening to the radio and not an MP3 is that you’re not in control of the music, I can just imagine swimming when suddenly the Jaws theme comes on making me crap my pants.

On a more serious note the other novel technology in the AquaFM is how it transmits the sound to you, instead of using waterproof headphones it uses your teeth:

AMPHICOM® products use a dedicated mouthpiece designed to transmit sound by bone conduction. Highly innovative, AMPHICOM®’s active mouthpiece contains built-in electronic actuators that transmit sounds directly through the teeth, bypassing the external ear. Sound quality is outstanding.

Further information and availability over on the Amphicom site.

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