Patent Series Nr.7 – Human Car Wash & Hurricane Bed

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Human Car Wash
Human Car Wash

The Human Car Wash is an intelligent system that obviously washes humans as if we were cars and without “us” having to care about falling down because of catching the soap, if you know what I mean… Similar to the normal car washing system there are 4 distinct phases:

  • 1st – get wet
  • 2nd – get soap and get clean
  • 3rd – remove the soap aka rinsing phase
  • 4th – get dry by making use of the blow drying station

The best part of this absurd patent is that there is no need for humans to do any kind of effort: we would be strapped into a hanging harness and merely need to stand or dangle in a fixed position while the conveyor belt moves us from station to station.

Is it just me, or this Human Car Wash makes humans look like cheap merchandise? I don’t see normal people using this any time soon, but maybe it is a good system for prisons to use on inmates.

Hurricane Bed
Hurricane Bed

After the tragic Hurricane Katrina I bet there were people worried about their security and what would be the best way to be safe if the same thing happens again. Well, it is a bit late by now but I got the answer – the Hurricane Bed.

Think of it as a “sardine can” placed under the spot where a normal bed would be. In this case there is a big protection – heavy duty latch – on the top, this way you are not suppose to suffer or even feel the hurricane/tornado/earthquake. As TA says, keep in mind this is not a good option to protect people that suffer from claustrophobia.

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  1. not so silly actually, with the nurses shortage situation worsening with each year, this gadget could become usefull in intitutions where there are people that can not self care.

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