Use dry, Rub Hard, New Beryllium clean up wipes from lab Y-12

At the Oak Ridge National Laboratories, in Tennessee, two men developed the tidiest solution yet foroak ridge cleaner cleaning up Beryllium.

The instructions for use are possibly the best part of this new cleaning cloth, “Use dry, rub hard”

Is Beryllium causing you a problem,, probably not, however, for the people that work in many high tech manufacturing areas, it’s a nightmare. The particles range from small to nano sized, and can cause horrific internal injuries ranging from mild boo-boo to chronic respiratory problems and cancer. So this is a much needed breakthrough.

In the past nothing would clean up the troublesome Beryllium and between payouts to workers afflicted with Beryllium sensitivity and the actual illnesses (like cancer) they’ve contracted, people’s health, and lowered costs are likely changes from this new clean-up material (the whole people’s health thing is the most important one!)

It sounds like a civilian version will be available soon too, which means that goopy gunk that wouldn’t come off for years might leap off your favorite collectible once and for all. (Mint condition here I come!)

This development came from the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons plant site. There, high level national security lab work is done, and handy projects like this emerge every once in a while to help us all.

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