Don’t have enough pockets? Get a SCOTTEVEST

by Mike

This next gadget is a line of clothing. There are no speakers, wires, screens, batteries, or heaters built into it, but I still consider it to be pretty cool. It’s not really a gadget even, but it’ll definitely hold your gadgets, a whole lot of them. This post is about the SCOTTEVEST jackets, fleeces, and pull overs. As you can see from the picture, these babies are designed to hold everything.

All of the SeV gear is designed to hold everything you need it to. It does all of that without making you look like a pack mule, seriously, the pockets are as unobtrusive as possible. Pockets are pockets, right? Not to the people at SCOTTEVEST. They have a variety of different types of pockets, each one designed to hold different things. My favorite of their innovations is what they call the Personal Area Network, or PAN. The PAN allows you to hide your headphone wires in your coat; it even has what they call BudBuckets, which are essentially little pockets to keep your earbuds from falling all over the place. Another cool feature are the magnetic pockets. Rather than zipping and unzipping, you just pull, making it easier to access your gear. One last thing, their weight management system, which actually keeps your coat balanced weight wise.

Alright, all of that was pretty awesome, and you’ve probably realized by now that a lot of work and research were put into the SCOTTEVEST products. I’m saying this because of the prices, they’re fairly high, but from the looks of it, you’re getting a really nice value. If you’re wondering, a fleece with 12 pockets costs $140, and a pull over with 5 pockets cost $60. Check out their site for all their products (coats, pants, shirts, hats, etc.)

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