SensitiveWall, The Interface of the Future

by Nick


There are many developments being made in the way that you interact with your computer, but most of them rely on the old mouse and keyboard combination. This is all going to change with the introduction of Sensitive Wall, an interactive video wall that presents multimedia content in a bookshelf-like interface, where you can select the videos that you want to see using gestures and moving your hand across the screen without actually touching it.

The SensitiveWall was created by iO, an Italian company that pursues the ideal that innovation should render the technology totally invisible and untouchable. This interactive video wall is accomplished by a proprietary system of stereoscopic computer vision that is being patented. The goal is to allow people to interact with the interface in a way that they’re used to. You can find a lot of videos of this technology in action in the Natural Interaction website.

The company is currently working in the development of other projects such as the SensitiveTable, SensitiveFloor and Sensitive Space System. This unique interactivity tool will hopefully be accessible to all of us in the near future, to help us cope with the huge amount of information we have to deal daily when working with computers and the Internet.

Find out more about the SensitiveWall.

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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