This Robot Can Serve you Tea and Wash the Dishes

by Nick


The HRP-2W is a new humanoid robot from Japan that was created to help us in our daily tasks. In a demonstration, a robot with camera eyes poured tea from a bottle in a cup, and another robot with wheels served their human masters in a room equipped with sensors in the floors and cameras in the ceiling. The researchers from the University of Tokyo are trying to simulate what our lives would be like if we lived seamlessly with robot technology in our home.

The robot can obey your voice commands and is capable of memorizing its mistakes like breaking a cup of tea, for instance, and could adapt its movements to the situation so as not to make the same fault twice, in a show of artificial intelligence.

According to Professor Tomomasa Sato, a human servant could be faster, but would require a “thank you” afterwards. On the other hand, you can ask a robot to do almost anything without feeling bad about it. These robots can be especially helpful for a society like Japan’s, where a fifth of the population is 65 or older.

And if you hate cleaning things up, you’ll be glad to know that this tea-pouring humanoid robot has been programmed to do the dishes. I want one of those in my home, as soon as they are available.

Find out more about the HRP-2W.

Via Yahoo News.

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