This Clock Could Help with your Email Obsession

by Nick

Email Clock

If you are one of those persons that keep constantly checking your email at all times of the day, wasting your time and patience, I’m sure you’ll find this Email Clock concept to be very helpful. The clock was designed by Tom Igoe, a teacher and researcher at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University that suffers from the same email checking obsession.

The clock runs in a normal pace and is connected to a network that keeps checking your inbox with the help of a Java application. Every time you get a new email a microcontroller checks the number of bytes received and runs the clock forward in a hyperactive pace. This Networked Sculpture, as the author calls it, is designed to worry about the volume of your email, so you don’t have to.

I don’t know if this clock is really going to help anyone with their email anxiety problems, but is a very interesting experiment that can help you keep track of your email flow, while giving another use for an old analog clock.

Find out more about Tom Igoe’s project at his site.

Via Neural.

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