Sonic Bomb Clock jolts you from slumber


Getting to bed is one thing, but closing your eyes is another. While a large segment of the population grapple with their inability to get some slumber, there are those who walk among us who cannot seem to wake up when the morning sun rises. This select group have probably tried a whole range of remedies, ranging from asking someone to slip cold, frozen marbles onto the mattress in the morning to splashing ice cool water on their faces with no effect. Enter the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker – this device is (almost) guaranteed to get even the heaviest of sleepers off the bed and into the bathroom to face a brand new day!

What is so special about this clock? For starters, it comes with an adjustable volume alarm that boasts a maximum loudness of 113 decibels. Just in case you are wondering how loud that is, a jackhammer ranks at 100 decibels. I’m not too sure what the long term health effects would be – will your ears suffer after using the Sonic Bomb Clock after a few years? Loss of hearing would definitely be a bad sign as you will then be unable to listen to what the Sonic Bomb Clock throws at you in the mornings.

Fear not, the manufacturers have thought of a two-hit combo to solve that problem. You also get a bed shaker that gives your bed a vigorous shake worthy of a great earthquake, ensuring you will not oversleep and go to work late yet again. I speculate that only single people will purchase this since married folks won’t want to subject their partners to such a hellraising experience every single morning. The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker retails for $40.

Source: Ubergizmo