JOBO Spectator Media Storage Device for those on-the-go


jobo-spectator.jpgWith digital cameras being a very real part of our lives these days, searching for an affordable and easy method to backup and store your digital memories can be quite a challenge. The JOBO Spectator is here to answer that clarion call, coming in 40GB, 80GB, and 120GB capacities that retail for €249, €299 and €379 respectively. Known as a Spectator mobile storage device for digital images, the JOBO Spectator features a vivid color display that accurately reproduces your digital photographs everywhere you go. Those who are familiar with JOBO’s GIGA Vu PRO evolution and GIGA one family of image storage devices will find the Spectator to be a very welcome addition.

In addition to that mobile photo album, the new photoGPS is slated as a must-buy device for owners of digital cameras. Featuring an integrated GPS system within, the photoGPS boasts automatic geo-tagging for all photos, writing down your exact location where the photo was taken on the picture’s EXIF file. This is great for frequent travelers who often forget where they are after returning home with a whole ton of photos. The photoGPS will be released sometime this summer at the recommended retail price of €149.

I forsee that both devices will fulfil a niche market when it comes to digital photography, as not everyone wants to tag where they have been with a GPS system. The photo backup system is pretty cool though, but it is always good to have a real backup hard drive for important data such as digital memories.

Source: Photography Blog

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