Weird Handsfree mobile kits

by Dan


Alright, what if you could walk down the street with a banana-shaped handsfree mobile set? People might say it is weird and gross, but I think it would make a lot of success with the ladies… after all you got have some balls to wear that headset in public!

The beautiful collection of handsfree mobile kits is produced by Mockia, and here is a company description: “The home of strange telecom. We supply the finest selection of vintage, retro and novelty accessories for your mobile cell phone.”

If the Banokia is too odd for you maybe you want to try the Brickia, a vintage mobile phone converted into a mobile headset. Why should you buy one? Check it out:

Dating from the 1980’s these lovely telecom behemoths were modeled on oil-tankers, had talk-time battery life of about three minutes and took four people to carry. Saville Row tailors would labour throughout the night to make suit pockets big enough to hold these ungainly beasts. Transport yourself back to those heady days by buying this great big lump and watch as you friends/colleagues/therapist gasp in awe at the wondrous and bizarre nature of your strange telecommunication.

brickiatangrey-copy.jpgThe products are compatible with most mobile phones on the market, and they come with 3 adapters. You can buy those pearls directly from the Mockia’s website, and the prices range from $20 to $70.

Via: Mad4MobilePhones

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