Prizes for Subscribing and Commenting


A few days ago we were dancing around as we found out we had 14,394 subscribers, still not really believing it we asked for comments and offered a prize to the funniest. We didn’t get the 14,394 comments (pah!) though 30 was a good start (thanks folks) and to celebrate the fact we broke the 15,000 subscriber mark the next day we’ll be sending out two random gadgets.

The 2 lucky winners are, drum roll please, Leanne for sending us this poem:

15,000 you say?
Perhaps not today -but
You can count me as one
Cause when I’m on the run
There’s nothing like dreaming
And plotting and scheming
About gadgets that talk
And locate and walk
Some for PC’s
And others for Mac
It’s 8 Sunday morning
And it’s hard to be clever
I’ve run out of rhymes
To make this post better

The second winner is TWILA_ZONED for sounding like an absolutely crazy chick.

~~~>>>Dances in her chair (thank heavens it swivels and rolls!) singing horribly off key (at the top of her lungs to some stupid jingle tune she heard from who knows) belts out “I”M A FEED READER… I”M A FEEEEEEED REEEEEEEADER… YEAH… I READ FEED…”

We’ll be in touch with both winners shortly to find out were to send the straight jackets shotgunator (only used once :)) and Bullshit Detector Watch to.

We do get a fair few gadget bits sent our way to review (break or laugh at) so we will giving out more prizes to commenter’s and forum members over the coming weeks and months.

6 thoughts on “Prizes for Subscribing and Commenting”

  1. Where are all these things we get to test Al? Hah!!
    15,000 really!!! That’s awesome!!!
    People reading the words coming out of our brains, how utterly wonderful,,,, (I am scared for some of you).

    Thanks readers!!! (now go tell 10 friends about us.)

  2. They’re dotted around my office at the moment, besides you get paid and you got that cool copter thingie.

    The 15,000 doesn’t include our regular site visitors (~12,000 daily) so I’m sure your either boring or driving crazy a lot of people Fred :).

  3. Wow…. it’s the end of July, and I am still waiting on my prize. Good thing I wasn’t holding my breathe, aye?

  4. Hi Twila, sorry for the delay, it did take you a month to respond though 🙂

    If you send me your address via the contact us form I’ll get it shipped out to you.

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