Patent Series Nr.6 – The Baby Patter & Car Bib

by Tiago

Previous Patent Series:

Today we have the following absurd patents:

The Baby Patter
Baby Patter

For all the parents that can’t get no sleep because their baby starts crying during the middle of the night, I have just found the perfect solution, or not… it is called the Baby Patter, which is a motorized machine to fake the patting that parents are suppose to be doing.

The good:
– More sleeping time for the parents and for the baby
– Less work and more free time for parents

The bad:
– Baby must be in position for the patter to work properly, this can be kind of hard…
– No strength adjustment
– No timer
– The child might grow up with bad memories of his babyhood because of the machine

Car Bib
Car Bib
I have already spotted something similar in series 4, but in that case it was a big ash bib for the smokers to use on the car. In this case, this car bib is for the people that like to eat + drive regularly, and while using it there is no chance for a bit of food to touch your clothes, it will be instantly caught by the bib as you can see on the image.

Buttocks Protection
Buttocks Protection
I understand the meaning and usefulness of this kind of protection for the buttocks (wikipedia link not safe for work), it would save lots of time and pain for the newbie skaters, but at the same time it would make them look like clowns while skating – I don’t know which is the best option, to wear buttocks protection, or not?

[Source: TotallyAbsurd]

2 reviews or comments

AdamShegrud Says: March 6, 2007 at 12:55 pm

Can I sue the inventor of the baby patting machine if it turns out the robot is a creepy prev and is playing grab ass with my daughter all night (like in the picture)

Tiago Says: March 6, 2007 at 5:13 pm

Yes Adam, feel free to sue the inventor for that “fun” reason ;p

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