An additional 50 to 600 horsepower,, Diesel has Nitrous Zex

by Fred

So, umm, you can increase the horsepower by 50 to shudder,, 600 by installing this diesel nitrous system from Zex.Zex diesel Nitrous

I can only imagine their wonderful slogans,

“Wouldn’t you like some Zex?”

“Can I insert my car into your garage with my Zex

I bet you can even have some that are really racy!

This system is primarily for drag racing systems, however, if you’re completely mad and have decided that your daily diesel rig needs to go,, oh,, around 50 to 600 horsepower faster (what a power band!) Then I think this is just what the doctor ordered.

The system looks pretty darn cool.

diesel race truck

There are a bunch of switches and sensors included so that nitrous is only added when it is most needed.

It checks for:

throttle position (wide open)

boost pressure (to measure engine load)

and it goes off in two stages to reduce insane wheelspin (nahh wheelspin, it’s just an additional 600 horsepower)

An added bonus that nitrous does provide (I had no idea!) is that you get reduced exhaust temperatures and reduced air inlet temperatures.

What fun!!

Note to self: obtain ridiculous diesel racing truck, put this in it, frighten wife.


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Mike Says: February 21, 2007 at 7:55 pm

That is ridiculously awesome. 😀 It even looks cool.

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