Presto! BizCard Reader for paperless advocates



Despite advancements in the digital age, you still can’t make do without business cards as there are still certain segments of the business community who prefer the printed version of a contact rather that viewing it over a LCD display. For those of us who are lumped into the paperless category, what do you do when you’re handed a business card from your client or prospect? Apart from meticulously placing it alphabetically in a business card folder, you can always grab hold of the NewSoft Presto! BizCard Reader which will instantly transform all that information on paper to digital bits and bytes.

Once you have scanned your entire library of existing business cards with the BizCard Reader, you will be able to access your contacts database at any time, with the option to update the information accordingly in a fast and painless manner. Of course, I realize there are such add-ons to older Palm-based PDAs, but PDAs are slowly and surely being phased out, leaving devices such as the BizCard Reader to carry on the paperless torch.

Boasting Smart Field Identification Technology (SFIT), the BizCard Reader enables you to send the appropriate text to the desired column, enabling you to build your database according to the way you like it. The inclusion of an advanced OCR engine comes with a smart Search Manager tool which enables you to pinpoint the exact information you want speedily. The entire package will set you back by $130, where you will receive the scanning device itself along with a USB cable, a software CD-ROM, and a calibration card.

Source: Devicepedia

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