Ultimate Outdoor Theater brings big screen action outside



The cold winter touch has not yet left most of the country, with some places being engulfed in a thick layer of snow. This scenario is less than suitable to watch a movie with the rest of your family in the great outdoors, but it is never too early to be prepared with the Ultimate Outdoor Theater. Pick this amazing home entertainment system today for the upcoming summer, where you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the latest summer hits under a blanket of stars, with the sweet smell of a BBQ wafting through the air while everybody else ends up as mosquito fodder.

The Ultimate Outdoor Theater from Cal Spas require a decent sized backyard, so make sure you have the space to spare before thinking of putting your John Hancock down on the nearest check. What do you get with each system? For starters, how does a marine-grade, anti-fog, anti-glare 63″ LCD HDTV with twin subwoofers and surround sound speakers sound to you? In addition to that visual goodness, you also get an integrated DVD/CD player to go along. It is pretty inconceivable for you to have such a cutting edge system without the benefits of next-gen video in the form of Blu-ray and HD DVD, but I suppose Cal Spas will have an updated package in due time.

Additional features include an integrated iPod Docking Station, a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver, and gaming system inputs. Two people will get the best seats in the house, while everybody else will have to settle down on some green grass. The two seats are actually plush home theater-style weatherproof recliners with the added luxury of cup holders. What is a movie without the food? The Ultimate Outdoor Theater adds a five-burner convection grill with two side burners, a cocktail center with commercial ice machine, blender and beer tap to the package for a complete night of frolic and fun. Pricing details are still unavailable, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar it won’t by a synonym with cheap.

Source: CrunchGear

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Matt Says: February 19, 2007 at 9:46 pm

thats better then what i have in my house. lol theres no way id sit that out side.

Al Says: February 20, 2007 at 10:42 am

Yeah if I put that outside here it would probably go walkies in a few hours.

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