Toshiba’s revolutionary helmet… sorta

by Dan


The concept of this product had been announced last year already, but given the creativity behind the product I thought that this was a must-read (perhaps a must-laugh) for the CG readers.

Now before people start to get the wrong idea by looking at the picture “No, that girl is not wearing a Cathode-Ray-Tube television on her head”. Toshiba developed that helmet to allow users to experience a 360-degree view while watching television or playing video games.

The bulky helmet weights about 6 pounds, but people commented that this version is actually much smaller than previous prototypes…

It is an interesting idea (insert sarcasm here), however a few questions pop into my mind by looking at it:

1. Do the manufacturer includes oxygen cylinders for people to breath inside the device?
2. Will Toshiba sign a partnership with some insurance company to provide medical treatment for the neck injuries to come?
3. What if your old grandpa gets a heart attack by entering suddenly on a room where you are using the device, who are we to blame?

By the way, did you watch SpaceBalls?

Via: DailyMail

One review or comment

Jonathan Says: February 20, 2007 at 2:34 am

6 pounds is light, that thing looks like the world’s biggest bowling ball.

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