iPod Dock Extender

iPod Dock Extender

This is probably one of the simplest iPod gadgets going, the dock extender.

The purpose of the dock extender is to make it easier to dock your iPod even when it’s wearing one of the billion or so different kinds of case.

No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it. Your Dock Extender uses the same compact iPod plug as found on the standard iPod docking cable from Apple, so it’s compatible with all cases that have a dock connector opening.

It will be available from Send Station soonish, found via Ounae.

2 thoughts on “iPod Dock Extender”

  1. Nice find, I’ll probably be picking one up as I continually have that problem. Throughout my house I probably have 3-4 different iPod docking things and the cases always seem to make it a millimeter to big. Hopefully it’ll only be a few bucks.

  2. The adapter is useless for things like the inMotion IM7’s and others like it that require the iPod to be inserted into a deep cradle. It’s only of use for those cradles that are very shallow.

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