Keep your computer crash free (sort of)

Kick-off USB Dongle

Computers don’t really crash that often anymore, and you can go on and on about how often Windows crashes and how little OS X crashes, but in the end, it’s really not that big of a deal. . . unless you do something uber important that requires 100% uptime. For those people who worry about crashes when they’re not around to fix them, Kick-Off is the hardware software solution you need.

The hardware side is the Kick-off USB dongle which does the bulk of the work. Whenever a crash is detected, the dongle will actually restart your computer for you. In order to detect these crashes, the software essentially keeps an eye on the system and reports back to the USB dongle. When the dongle doesn’t receive any more information, it figures a crash has occurred and gives the system the restart signal. The software also handles application specific crashes, logging, and preventative restarting capabilities. Not quite sure what that last one is, but it sounds like it’s pretty useful. If you’re a person who needs their computer/server to have 24×7 uptime, this is the perfect device. You pretty much eliminate crashes; technically, I suppose, the dongle itself could fail, but that’s a bit to technical for me. If you’re really worrying about that kind of failure, you’ve probably got some multi million dollar facility and can afford to pay a real person to watch over your computer day and night and physically press that restart button.

Kick-off, both the software and hardware package, are surprisingly available for most major platforms. There are Mac OS X (Mac classic, too!), Windows, and even Linux versions available for $180 each. It’s expensive, but the important part for the people buying Kick-off is that it keeps their computer crash free, the price isn’t really an issue.

Product Page – [via GizWizBiz]