Motion Activated Water Pistol (sort of)

The Motion-Activated Garden Sentry.
I quite like cats but not those of other peoples that wander in my garden to do their business. I have been known to run outside armed with pints of water but cats generally learn after the first soaking to leg it when the door opens. This next gadget could be my answer the Motion-Activated Garden Sentry.

This is a great automated way to discourage unwanted garden visitors. It uses an infrared sensor to detect movement (therefore works day and night) which once detected activates an animal friendly but hopefully annoying water spay that’s capable of covering 1,575 square foot. So as long as your neighbourhood cat is normal and hates water it should soon find a new outdoor toilet.

The garden sentry can also be used to deter deer, raccoons, herons and postmen so you probably want to make sure it’s not too near your garden path. The motion-activated garden sentry. available to buy from Hammacher for $79.95

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  1. Hah, really like that one although I could see myself forgetting about it and getting soaked every once and awhile. 😛

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