Dandella concept ready to take flight



GPS tracking seems to be all the rage these days, as everyone takes advantage of this technology to get about easier even in unfamiliar places. It is no wonder then that GPS devices has proliferated different areas in our lives, including our vehicles (in-car GPS navigation systems), our cellphones (those equipped with a GPS chipset), and even our pockets (palm-sized devices with an integrated GPS chipset). Here is yet another concept GPS tracking system that could go a long way in keeping parents and children together amidst a sea of people at crowded public places like parks, supermarkets, and concerts. The Dandella is it’s name, and GPS is it’s game.

Although it was named after the dandelion that floats gently in a breeze, the Dandella behaves more like a sunflower and this handheld GPS tracking device is capable of detecting another Dandella which it has been synchronized with beforehand, pointing its head towards the right direction. The Dandella also comes with a bulb that lights up in the direction of your intended target. Just make sure that the Dandella has been set up with all the necessary locations first via the docking system which was shaped after a flower vase.

I suspect parents will be clamoring for the Dandella should it be released commercially, moving beyond the conceptual stage. It is a pretty nifty tool, and will be a great hit among teens who rendezvous at the local shopping mall. The Dandella is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to GPS navigation, doing away with the need for tons of buttons and intimidating numbers.

Source: Popgadget

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