Sunken Chests Be gone!! Hand me that Titanium encased magnet!

There’s great news out there for sufferers of SWGWSIC, a debilitating thing, that, well, is really inconvenient.magnetic mini mover

The acronym was created by my favorite DJ tandem Brad Gise and Chris Daniels who have a local show here in the bay area. (I’ve been listening to them for years and years (don’t want to admit how many).

Previously, having a sunken chest (there’s a fancy medical term I won’t bore you with) had to be dealt with in a fairly painful operation for this common congenital defect.

Now the Magnetic Mini Mover is here to save the day. This new procedure implants a magnet, and then with an additional outer magnetic strap, the chest is drawn out to a standard position.

This eliminates a number of more painful and dangerous operations to correct this. Thanks to the good doctors over at UCSF (San Francisco).

It’s cool because rather than a huge operation like the image shown, a titanium encased magnet (well there’s your gadget goodness quotient right there) is placed under the skin and attached to the breastbone. This is done, on anThe Nuss Procedure outpatient basis!! That’s right, walk in, get a magnet, walk out,, how cool! Here’s a link to the way this procedure is commonly performed. While the Nuss procedure is less invasive than previous corrections, it’s still gotta hurt, (a rod is left in for up to 2 years!).

Let’s hope this new procedure is out and about for people soon!

Thanks again to medgadget and Eureka Alert.