Sideways Bike


Sideways Bike

I’ve just had this press release from Michael Killian the some what eccentric inventor of the sideways bike.

New Bicycle Invention Sideways Bike
Introducing a kids fun bike that drifts and slides sideways like a Snowboard. SidewayBike is easy to ride and is designed for children from age 7. There is a natural exhilarations from riding the SidewaysBike (Like from riding a Snowboard).

SidewaysBike has independently steerable wheels. Your left hand steers the rear wheel and your right hand steers the front wheel.

I remember seeing this on the decidedly dodgy TV program “the big idea” (the idea of the program is great but at least one of the presenters really got on my nerves) and it does look so much fun to ride, but whether it offers any tangible benefits over a normal bike I’m not so sure.

I do hope it makes it to the market as we all need a bit of laughter in our lifes. More info, pics and videos over at

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kontiki Says: February 14, 2007 at 5:03 pm

what’s freak, is it easy to use?

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