Seagate FreeAgent line

seagate_usb.jpgSeagate announced at the latest CES a family of storage devices that is supposed to redefine the rules on the segment. The FreeAgent Data Movers line, as it is called, will let users take the whole content of their desktops or laptops (not only music or photos but also applications and programs) and carry it with them, making it much more accessible and reliable.

The storage devices, in fact, integrate not only hardware but also a software stack to manage the file transfers, encrypt and protect the content. There are 4 solutions on the line: FreeAgent Pro which is a USB/eSATA storage device and contains up to 750 Gigabytes, FreeAgent Desktop Drive which stores up to 500 Gigabytes, FreeAgent Go which can pack 160 Gigabytes and FreeAgent GoSmall which features 12 Gigabytes of memory.

The basic idea is to enable the user to access any computers around the world while still using his customized operating system, his favorite browser, his stored passwords and the like. Jim Druckrey, general manager of Seagate, commented on a article over CNET: “It’s literally about being able to escape the confines of your desktop or your laptop (…) and have your content available to you where you need and when you need it. The fact that there’s a hard drive inside is really secondary.”

The price for the storage devices range from $199 to $419, and you can see more details or pictures on the official site.