Gravitonus for disabled gamers


gravitonus.jpgWhile hardcore gamers who turned professional are endowed with full control over their bodies, it is unfair to say that the disabled do not stand a chance since the playing field is uneven. The Gravitonus aims to level that playing field, offering an Alternative Computer Control System (ACCS) that was specially designed to help paralyzed individuals control their computers with the ease and agility of a normal human being. The Gravitonus is so effective that even people with paralyzed legs and hands (quadriplegics) will be able to control their onscreen avatar and perhaps give Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel a run for his money.

The Gravitonus works by placing the ACCS into the patient’s mouth, offering a high level of precision positioning, discontinuity, low response time, and resistance to virtually all kinds of possible noise interference. You can control your movement via the ACCS using your tongue, with the ability to store an additional dozen commands. The wonder of the Gravitonus is it does not interfere with breathing, talk and consumption of fluids.

The advent of the Gravitonus is guaranteed to give a new level of freedom to the disabled, as users no longer need to resort to outside assistance when it comes to using a computer. In addition, users can use applications such as Skype to be present with family members virtually, thanks to a high speed Internet connection. With the Gravitonus, the world will be able to harness all the untapped abilities of disabled people around the world in terms of knowledge and wisdom. There is no word on when the Gravitonus will be released nor how much will it cost.

Source: Medgadget

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