Customize your car’s. . . horn?

This day was pretty much inevitable and I think we all realized that. No, there’s nothing wrong with the world just yet and the internet is here to stay, but it pains me to tell you that you can now get personalized tones for your horn. They came up with the clever name of Horntones. Very unique, eh? (Sorry for the poor image quality)

Yep, just as those standard rings on your cell phone morphed into clips of songs, your horn can now be whatever you want instead of that normal, hornish sound it is now. Maybe you think it sounds to mean. Who knows, you might even hurt someone’s feelings, so why not make it a nice low beep? Just hope they actually hear it.

The Horntones unit can hold hundreds of different Horntones but there are only 8 preset buttons on the device. By the time you find the absolute perfect Horntone for a given situation it’ll be to late. Besides, 8 is enough to have a few obnoxious ones along with the normal, everyday ones. You’ve probably realized by now that the Horntones device is dash mounted which is a bit of let down. If it’s going to replace your horn, it should actually replace it, not just sit near it. You’ll have to remember to hit it too, otherwise you’re wasting your precious $150 investment. And I agree, I don’t think this will catch on, but if it does, these things will probably be outlawed soon after. I almost don’t want to give the link out, otherwise I’ll spread it!

Product Page – [via Gizmag]

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  1. I’m with you on that one. I wonder if the company actually expects to sell any of these. 😛 Oh well, I still think it’s hilarious.

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