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cyclone-fire.jpgThere is nothing better than cozying up around a fireplace, roasting some marshmallows in one hand and holding a cup of hot chocolate in another, sharing tales with family and friends through the night. Cyclone decided to take the traditional fireplace design to the next level by not turning it upside down, but the right side up instead. Just as how the Israelites in the past had a pillar of fire to accompany them throughout the night in the wilderness, you can now have pillars of fire in your very own home, thanks to Cyclone’s efforts.

Pick from a customizable version, or deck out an entire system of Cyclone fireplaces in your house. Either way, you are guaranteed of getting the same mesmerizing, show-stopping, spinning tower of fire that is guaranteed to drop the jaws of anyone who lays eyes on them for the first time. The Cyclone fireplace is capable of heating up places like foyers, hallways, a lobby, bar, or showroom at 15,000 BTUs. Since it is highly customizable, anyone from homeowners to architects will be able create their very own interpretation of home art. Each Cyclone fireplace comes in a free-standing glass cylinder to give a brilliant 360-degree view of the fire.

Heat & Glo is offering the Cyclone fireplace for $3,799, but it is rather vague from the product page whether that is the cost for a single pillar of fire, or the entire system itself. Whatever the case is, any house with the Cyclone fireplace is guaranteed to look its best.

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nafi Says: February 13, 2007 at 4:22 am

Oh, cool! If Moses has a colomn of fire, I want one too! 😀

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