Patent Series Nr.4 – Air Conditioned Shoes & The Big Ash Bib

by Tiago

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Air Conditioned Shoes
Air Conditioned Shoes

To start of today’s series we got something that isn’t stupid, really, it is a cool idea for the people that… have the problem of sweating a lot on the feet “area”. Don’t worry if you are one of them, I got the perfect solution – the air conditioned shoes. How it works? Don’t ask me, but if this was real I would buy a pair for sure to use on the hot hot hot days during the summer.

The Big Ash Bib
The Big Ash Bib

– For the people that don’t smoke (excuse me) will most likely find the Big Ash Bib disgusting or just silly.

– For the people that smoke, I’d bet 45% would say this is useful, while the rest uses the normal ashtray daily and easily. There is still a minority of smokers that like to open the window and use the earth as the ashtray.

But seriously looking into the positive aspect of the Big Ash Bib – preventing ashes from dropping of the cig and going to your pants – this is surely on the top 20 of “useful but stupid” ideas ever.

Bino Cap
Another interesting concept that in the end makes people look stupid while using it, doesn’t it? But once again, it does has a useful detail which is not having to hold up your binoculars at any time, therefore you have your hands free!

I can’t help to quote the totallyabsurd description for this, see the image again and…

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, #103 is evidently a bad hair day. Hey, we all have them.

[Source: TotallyAbsurd]

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