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I’m sick of it, every time I tell somebody about the site I have to spell it, coolest *HYPHEN* gadgets *dot* com, which gets some what annoying when you’re wandering around a show floor, so enough is enough!

I made the decision to invest my last 9-5 pay check in getting hold of the domain, so we’ll no longer be hyphenated and you can find us at (for lots techie reasons we’ll still be here at with lots of 301 redirects and email forwarding to keep Google and Technorati happy).

I’d like to strangle thank Mark Robinson of Handicapped Pets for agreeing to sell me the non hyphenated version and not stuffing rippping me off over charging me too much, but seriously cheers Mark for the smooth switch.

Welcome to

*Expensive lesson to self, never ever buy a hyphenated domain again, ever!

7 thoughts on “ is Closing”

  1. Good to see you got hold of it. I assisted with someone getting a domain name recently that they let expire and it wasnt cheap getting it back! Congrats on getting an even cooler domain 🙂

  2. Thanks guys, I realised a month into the site that I’d made a mistake with the hyphen but it’s not one I’ll be repeating in a hurry.

    We’ll be keeping both domains but due to how Technorati works and our current rankings with Google the new non hyphenated domain will simply redirect to the old one. So in theory the site is still hyphenated but when speaking about the site I will never mention the word hyphen again.

  3. It bugged me at first, but eventually I just programmed myself to put the hyphen, but I agree, it’s rather annoying to have to tell people about the hyphen every single time.

    Congrats on getting it!

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