A tooth brush to rule them all

by Mike

TiFinity Tooth brush
Raise your hand if you’re in the market for a new tooth brush. Hmm, I’m guessing no one raised their hand, and even though I can’t see any of you, I bet I’m right. It’s not really that I’ve got some talent for that kind of stuff, it’s just that no one cares about their tooth brush. Well. . . there’s always that person, but we’ll ignore him for the moment. Alright, I’ll get to the point. I was browsing around looking for some cool gadgets, which is what were all about here, when I came across a high tech toothbrush (it wasn’t the HydraBrush). It’s the BMW of tooth brushes if you will.

First of all, the TiFinity Toothbrush (that’s it name!) has ultra fine bristles that give you a superior brushing experience, especially in those hard to reach places of your mouth. You may have been bummed out when you found your bristles were literally falling out of the brush; those days will be gone with the TiFinity for its bristles last an awe inspiring 10 years, yet a few lines down on the site it’s given only a 2-5 year life span. One real advantage to this brush is the fact that it will actually remove more plaque than your standard nylon brush, how much though is something that you’ll probably never know. All of those points aside, this tooth brush is worth getting because of how sweet it looks. Come on, jet black body with titanium bristles, that’s one sweet brush. Just don’t go around telling people about your tooth brush, it’s weird.

Now, clearly this tooth brush is as cool as they get, but it’s not worth the price tag it carries: $50. You can get a mid-range electric one for that much. Granted, it won’t have titanium bristles, but it does the work for you!

Product Page – [via CrunchGear]

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joe zeppi Says: May 17, 2007 at 5:18 pm

I am looking for help on manufacturing a tooth brush Do you do this

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